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theraphy_assistantOccupational therapy is one of the courses that people have started taking up after completing their master’s degree. It helps people who are physically and mentally challenged to lead a better quality of life.

People who complete and come out of occupational therapy schools can further branch into pediatric occupational therapist, home healthy nurse, speech pathologist, respiratory therapy assistant, occupational therapy assistant and consultants.

All these people aim in helping patients who do not have the ability to function fully and independently. The disabilities faced by their patients can be either physical or mental.


theraphy_assistantPediatric occupational therapy is also similar to the regular occupational therapy, except that the patients in this branch are mainly children and young adults.

Some children may have a problem in speaking. Speech pathologists assist such children in developing their speaking abilities.

Similarly some children may have hearing impairments. For those kids, the therapists may assist with some aided devices. Some children may not be able to take up lessons in the normal schools. The therapists can help in developing new methods of learning for those kids and make them understand the concepts easily.


theraphy_assistantSome children may have physical dysfunction due to some accident or birth defect. Such children can be given therapy by to regain the best possible physical abilities within their grasp.

Pediatric occupational therapy also focuses on a child’s sensory and motor skills, emotional development and play skills to help them lead a normal life among the other groups of children with better confidence.

Occupational therapy assistant also does the practical work on the patients as the nurses do. They also come home and take personal care of the patients. This occupational therapy is a very rewarding career in terms of both money and mental satisfaction as it helps patients lead a better life.

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